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Thermal insulation & corrosion protection


Bellow we would like to present our most important services, which prove constant development of Company. Testing clients expectations enables to addapt our offer to the actual needs of offering parties and potential customers.


Main areas of the company’s activity are repairs and modernizations of various types of industrial plants, especially chemical and petrochemical, that include:


Complete and extensive repairs and modernizations of chemical and petrochemical plants in the field of mechanical services:

  • welding of carbon and alloy steel (including welding subject to technical inspection),
  • production, repairs and modernizations of equipment, piping and industrial constructions
  • repairs and modernizations of destillation trays and internals of towers.

 Production and application of thermal and cold insulation systems (temp. range from -260°C to 1400°C) and acoustic insulation:

  • polyurethane spray, injection coating (piping, vessels, cooling towers, rooftops, fittings),
  • application of mineral wool, rubber (ARMAFLEX, TERMAFLEX) and cellular glass (FOAMGLASS) insulations,
  • prefabrication and assembly of jacketing (metal sheets, plastic, spray materials).

Chemical and corrosion protection services, including surface preparation:

  • abrasive blasting (sandblasting, glass bead blasting, shot peening),
  • dustless abrasive blasting,
  • hydro-blasting (pressure - up to 2800 bar),
  • application of specialized corrosion and chemical protection coating for steel, aluminum, galvanized steel and reinforced concrete surfaces (tanks, devices, steel constructions, pipelines),
  • Execution of passive fire protection (PFP) systems for steel and reinforced concrete constructions

 Our specialists use their knowledge and 20 years of the company’s experience to propose optimal solutions and technologies.


Keeping in mind our clients’ needs, TERBUD also offers:

  • crane services (50t and 70t),
  • lifting services (telescopic handlers 3,5t/15m),
  • non-sparking cutting of steel and reinforced concrete by using high-pressure water (up to 2800 bar),
  • assembly of scaffolding (pole and modular ROTAX type) and rope access works,
  • simple designing services (plants, vessels, thermal insulation)

Thank You for getting familiarized with our company's offer.