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Thermal insulation & corrosion protection


Bellow we would like to present our most important services, which prove constant development of Company. Testing clients expectations enables to addapt our offer to the actual needs of offering parties and potential customers.

Environment protection

Our company carries out tasks which, due to their nature, affect the environment. Since its beginning, TERBUD has been keeping a close eye on the environmental protection which is deeply rooted in our company’s policy. We realize that responsible management of resources is of the utmost importance to the company and its clients.


We believe that our success and quality of services would not have been possible without reasonable decision making. To us, it correlates with economical and sensible management of resources. In addition, the company uses state of the art technologies to minimize the influence on the environment. 


For that cause we invest both the income and effort to increase the awareness and help protect the environment.:

  • we limit the air dustiness by using wet cleaning and cleaning using closed circuit abrasive,
  • we use corrosion and chemical protection materials with low volatile organic compounds (VOC),
  • we use sprayers that does require dilution of protective coating during application,
  • we control air pollution by using ventilation systems,
  • we invest in equipment that comply with the emission norms.